Helpdesk - Plugin for OctoberCMS

An issue tracking system built to assist your customer support team

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Team Collaboration

Some issues may require one or more support staff to solve it. The plugin allows you to assign more than one assignee to a ticket. The combined effort for closing a ticket is reflected on the dashboard under both the assignees.

Private Comments for better collaboration

For internal communication between the support team, Plugin allows you to post a private comment on the ticket.

Powerfull Assignee Management

Supervisors can easily assign one or more agents to the ticket. Agents can easily collaborate and resolve high priority tickets which needs to be addressed immediately.

Track each and every event

The notification settings panel allows all the stakeholders of the ticket to be notified of various events such as ticket creation, comment on the ticket, private comments, change of status, and many more!

Built-in default configurations

The plugin is ready to be used out of the box, we have made sure to configure the basic settings and seed essential data for you.

# About

Helpdesk is an issue tracking system built to assist your customer support team. Helpdesk allows your customer to interactively engage with your support team by raising issues, commenting on it and receiving constant updates via email. We have built helpdesk keeping the industry requirements in mind, thus guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction.

# Requirements

  • PHP 7.3+
  • October Build 464+